Immigrant singer/songwriter finds faith and identity

ENUMCLAW, Wash. — Redemption Press announces an inspirational new title: From the Land of the Rising Sun: A Journey to Acceptance, Identity & Belonging (10/2015). This heartfelt memoir of award-winning Japanese-American singer/songwriter Junko Nishiguchi Cheng, tells the story of an overachieving girl, who as an immigrant from Japan, struggles to fit in, and find her identity. […]

What the Cardinals really did say

SAN FRANCISCO – Thirteen Cardinals may or may not have written to Pope Francis to express their concerns about the direction of the Ordinary Synod on the Family. But one fact is clear, four of the Cardinals who allegedly signed the now infamous private letter did contribute essays to the recently published ELEVEN CARDINALS SPEAK […]

Uncovered — the dirty secrets behind the feminist movement

SAN FRANCISCO – The 1960s women’s rights movement has had a profoundly adverse impact on women throughout the United States, including Sue Ellen Browder, a former ardent propagandist for sexual liberation who wrote stories meant to soft-sell unmarried sex, contraception and abortion as the single woman’s path to personal fulfillment as a longtime freelance writer […]

Church in America is dead and dying: crisis or potential?

The church in America is dead and dying. That’s one conclusion that can be drawn from the data in the 25th edition of the empty tomb, inc., series, The State of Church Giving through 2013: Crisis or Potential?, according to the book’s coauthors, John and Sylvia Ronsvalle. They say the data also points to the […]

Jerome Socolovsky named Editor-in-Chief of Religion News Service

(RNS) Jerome Socolovsky, an award-winning journalist with experience at some of the world’s leading media organizations, has been named Religion News Service’s new editor-in-chief. Socolovsky, a seasoned religion reporter and editor who has worked for Voice of America, National Public Radio, The Associated Press and United Press International, will lead an editorial staff of six […]

KidSpirit, sole spiritual magazine by and for youth, to present at Parliament of the World’s Religions

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – KidSpirit, the award-winning spiritual magazine by and for young people, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming Parliament of the World’s Religions. KidSpirit will be one of the few organizations to bring young voices into the growing global interfaith conversation. KidSpirit, the only forum of its kind, offers a unique perspective […]

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – October 9, 2015

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is a production of THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET. Visit for additional information. Show #1906 will be fed over PBS at 5:00 p.m. EST on October 9 (check local listings). Organ Donation as an Act of Faith – Throughout the U.S. there is a dramatic shortage of people willing to give up one […]

Pope Francis’ US visit

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has many Catholics and Christians confused as to how he could place Islam on equal footing with Christianity. Speaking at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, he called Muslims “brothers and sisters:” “I would like to express two sentiments for my Muslim brothers and sisters….” (1)  A few months […]

Global coalition calls for nine days to pray and fast for the sanctity of life, marriage, and for the Synod on the Family October 16 – 24, 2015

WASHINGTON – Today the world faces unprecedented global financial crises, record-breaking natural disasters, global terrorism and the greatest exodus of refugees to Europe since World War II. Our world is also under great threats from countries like Iran, North Korea and China.  With the approach of Pope Francis’ Jubilee Year of Mercy and to help […]