Was Eve Made from Adam’s Rib or His Baculum?

WASHINGTON — Biblical Archaeology Review will hold a press conference at 10 AM EDT on Tuesday, August 11, to announce a shocking but valid interpretation concerning the creation of the first woman—from Adam’s os baculum. According to the Bible’s creation account, after making the heavens and the earth, God created humankind. The Book of Genesis states God […]

Literary Trust Established to Manage Estate of Phyllis Tickle, Author, Authority on Religion in America, and Founding Religion Editor of Publishers Weekly

The Farm in Lucy, Tennessee, July 24, 2015 —Tickle, Inc. announces the establishment of the Phyllis A. Tickle Literary Trust for the purpose of managing the literary estate and copyrights of Phyllis Tickle. Serving as Trustees are Joseph Durepos, Executive Editor of Loyola Press, Jon M. Sweeney, Editorial Director of Franciscan Media, and Samuel M. […]

Religion Meets Global Development

Washington, D.C. – The venerable medical journal, The Lancet, has taken on a topic never before addressed in a special issue– the role of religion and faith-based development organizations in global health. The Lancet issue on faith-based health care was released on July 7th at a conference in Washington, DC, with attendees from archbishops to […]

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – July 24, 2015

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is a production of THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET. Visit www.pbs.org/religionandethics for additional information. Show #1847 will be fed over PBS at 5:00 p.m. EST on July 24 (check local listings). Religion in Cuba As the U.S. and Cuba reopen their embassies, what is the state of religion in Cuba after 50 years […]

Servant Books To Release Inspirational Children’s Book Teaching Compassion and God’s Love By Bestselling Author Anthony DeStefano

Cincinnati, OH (July 21, 2015) – Servant Books, an imprint of Franciscan Media, today announces the release of a new work from bestselling author Anthony DeStefano. The author’s sixth children’s book, The Puppy That No One Wanted, tells the heartwarming story about a puppy who gave love and found love for himself. New York Times […]

Servant Books To Publish Comprehensive Guide for Clergy On How To Address Abortion

Cincinnati, OH (July 21, 2015) – Servant Books, an imprint of Franciscan Media today announced that it has acquired the latest book from Father Frank Pavone, entitled Proclaiming the Message of Life: Weekly Reflections from the Lectionary. In this essential guide for priests, deacons and other clergy looking to speak about the value of human life, […]

For the 90th Anniversary of the Scopes Monkey Trial, Discovery Institute Documents the Intense Scientific Debate over “Darwin’s Doubt”

July 21 marks the 90th anniversary of the famed Scopes “Monkey” Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, a historical landmark that continues to confuse the controversy about evolution. Defenders of Darwinian theory present the conflict between unguided evolution and intelligent design as if it had not advanced one bit since Clarence Darrow jousted with William Jennings Bryan […]

Urban Ministries Founder Challenge Christians

Calumet City, IL – One month ago today on the night of June 17th, the United States of America and the world were shocked when it was reported that nine people were massacred during their Bible Study and prayer session at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in Charleston, SC. The shooting and […]

Jesus and Jihad: Reclaiming the Prophetic Heart of Christianity and Islam

Few words inspire more fear in Americans these days than jihad. Its mere utterance conjures up images of car bombs exploding in crowded markets; Boeing 737s crashing into tall buildings; and flag burning, gun-toting bearded Arab men shouting, “allahu akbar” and “Death to America!” But what if all our stereotypical images of jihad are wrong, […]