United Methodist Women helps Global Media Monitoring Project

Who makes the news? The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) answers that question; the 2015 research was released on Monday, November 23 and the U.S. portion was released today on December 1. Every five years since 1995, GMMP research has taken the pulse of selected indicators of gender issues in the news media, studying women’s […]

Rome conference highlights Catholic divide on environment

With the Paris climate change conference underway, there is no better time to reflect on Pope Francis’s social encyclical Laudato Si’, which admirably ties environmental concerns to care for the poor. The pope added greater urgency to the UN climate talks when, on his trip back from Africa this week, he urged decisive action and […]

The global Church gathers to save the world

ORLANDO, Fla. –– As part of the strategy to win another billion people to Christ, Billion Soul Network (www.Billion.tv) will host the Synergize 2016 Pastors & Leaders Conference (www.Synergize.tv) January 19-21, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. World class leaders from every major denomination and Christian stream will gather to synergize efforts to double the size of […]

Lilly Endowment makes grants to encourage youth to explore theology

INDIANAPOLIS – Many high school students yearn for opportunities to ask difficult and probing questions about their faith and the moral dimensions of contemporary challenges.  Now some private colleges and universities are creating summer institutes and other programs to encourage young people to explore these questions by studying theology and examining how their faith calls […]

Dialogue training for future religious peacemakers

Twenty religious educators and scholars from around the world have been accepted into the second KAICIID Fellows Programme, a year-long programme of training in conflict resolution, and social cohesion, the Vienna-based intergovernmental organization announced today. Almost half of them come from countries which are currently undergoing periods of violent conflict with religion as a factor, […]

Westminster Presbyterian Church opens its doors to Syrian refugees

WOOSTER, Ohio — In response to a spate of negative reaction towards the resettling of Syrian refugees in the United States, the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Wooster, OH has opened its doors to refugees.  In a letter sent to Secretary of State John Kerry, the Session of the church (its governing body) says that the congregation […]

One million student study shared by scholar at Vatican City conference shows Christian schools best hope for poor & minorities

VATICAN CITY — A quantitative analysis of over one million students by a professor/researcher indicates that low income- and minority- students benefit the most from attending Christian schools. William Jeynes, a Harvard graduate and Senior Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, shared the results of a meta-analysis, that indicated that the racial and […]

Are young people losing their faith because of science?

SEATTLE — Does science show there is no God?  According to many former Protestant Christians, the answer is yes. In the report, Are Young People Losing Their Faith Because of Science?  John West, Associate Director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, which is the international hub of the intelligent design movement, highlights the challenge […]