HOUSTON, TEXAS — The Stoller Foundation ( is a Christian grantmaking entity with a mission to transform lives and communities through innovative and effective philanthropy. Embracing the philosophy that everybody can become an everyday philanthropist, the foundation serves as a conduit for support to organizations that are not dependent on the government. “We hope to inspire and empower individuals who want a deeper connection with our fellow man,” said Jerry Stoller, the foundation’s founder and Chairman, “and to fulfill an obligation they have to the society in which we live.” The vision of the foundation is to carry Christ’s messages to people throughout the world and support opportunities for everyday philanthropists to become active in service to God. “Our purpose,” Stoller continued, “is to be a needed catalyst to build ponds, stock them, and recruit the fishers to bring people to Christ.”

The Stoller Foundation was founded on principles developed in Jerry Stoller’s 40-year research maximizing plant potential to increase crop yields and agricultural production across the globe. His work has improved a multitude of lives through expanded food sources, and he brings this same passion and regard for his fellow man to his work at the Stoller Foundation. Jerry Stoller’s vision is to utilize the foundation’s resources to provide spiritual nutrition and bolster organizations that influence and support people’s life journey toward Salvation. “We make it easy for people to share our vision by volunteering their time, lending their talents and donating their treasures to community-based programming, where they can witness the difference their contributions make in the lives of children and families.”

The Stoller Foundation is positioned to make impactful grants to volunteer-rich organizations to support activities that bring people to Christ. Funding priorities include programs that foster Christ-centric learning and those focused on helping children and families thrive, whether they are in inner cities, rural communities, or in Third World countries. Believing in the power of dialogue, shared knowledge and connecting like-minded people, the foundation also supports activity that will strengthen organizations for their work in the community with the tools they need to grow and prosper, serving as a catalyst for partnerships needed to empower Christ’s frontliners with knowledge and tools. This will enable them to find solutions to problems faced in the foundation’s areas of funding interest.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 25, 2012


Sandra Lund-Diaz


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