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  • Prisons for Profit – Louisiana has the highest rate of incarceration of any state in the nation with one in every 86 adults behind bars.  As Lucky Severson reports, to contain the costs of imprisoning so many individuals, the state has outsourced the operating of many prisons to local sheriffs and others who are given a per diem payment for each prisoner.  Critics say one effect of this is to give sheriffs an incentive to expand their prison populations and keep their costs as low as possible.
  •  Women Catholic Priests – In the past decade more than one hundred women have been “ordained” as Catholic priests, although the Vatican prohibits the ordination of women and considers the act a grave offense against the church, punishable by excommunication.  Saul Gonzalez reports on the group called Roman Catholic Women Priests and interviews one of them, Jennifer O’Malley, who says that her excommunication was “a consequence of doing what God has called me to do.”

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