Oakland, CA, February 19, 2013:   With the Catholic Church reeling from scandals and its pontiff’s sudden resignation, and churches of all denominations struggling against the rise of the “Nones,” (r)evolutionary theologian/author/activist Matthew Fox and author/mystic Andrew Harvey are launching The Christ Path Seminars (, a 3-year series of initiatory workshops offering an embodied mystical practice of the Cosmic Christ and a radical, relevant Christianity.

Led by Fox and Harvey, each Christ Path weekend focuses on a crucial theological, mystical, social or political issue of our time, and provides practical answers to today’s religious crises: tools to cultivate critical dialogue and creative initiatives for spiritual and social transformation.

The workshops feature a star-studded lineup of guest speakers, including eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, Biblical scholar Bruce Chilton, contemplative activist Adam Bucko, cosmologist Brian Swimme, economist David Korten, healer/author Caroline Myss, and more.

Matthew Fox, who founded the Friends of Creation Spirituality and the University of Creation Spirituality, commented: “Andrew and I feel that a healthy Cosmic Christ spirituality—one that fuses action and contemplation, mysticism and prophecy, masculine and feminine, science and consciousness—can make all the difference. The revolution unleashed by Jesus might still happen even with time running out, indeed especially with time running out.”

The 12 workshops will be offered both on-site at locations around the U.S., and online by live-streaming. The first event, “Cosmic Christ and the New Humanity,” takes place March 8-10 at the former location of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA, and features guest speaker Joanna Macy, presenting “Cosmic Christ as Doorway into Deep Time.”

To make the workshops accessible to the widest possible audience, the Christ Path Seminar is being presented as a bold experiment in the emerging gift economy. All participants are requested to contribute a minimal registration fee of $50 (whether they are attending on-site or online). At the weekend’s conclusion, participants will be invited either to donate as they are able, to cover the real expenses of the seminar, or to move the gift forward through some other way of their choosing.

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