A thinking person’s guide to the apocalypse with a multi-faith perspective – now available on dvd

 (“…a new, serious and provocative series about the cultural obsession with the…apocalypse…It’s possible to see the connections between these images across cultures and religions…” – John Doyle, Globe and Mail, Toronto)

Five, 22 min. documentary programs for home, community and educational use: philosophy, religious studies, sociology classes.  Previews and ordering details online at: apocalypsewhentvseries.com


December 21, 2012, has come and gone….but why do we keep anticipating the end of the world… an apocalypse that never materializes?  And what happens when nothing happens?  In five thought-provoking 22 min. episodes, APOCALYPSE…WHEN? (Asterisk Productions Ltd.) explores the origins, implications, repercussions and psychology of doomsday thinking.

Our documentary team travelled across the U.S., Canada and Mexico to speak to scientists, theologians and scholars.  The result is a fascinating journey into culture, belief systems and our collective psyche, featuring such respected thinkers as astronomer/physicist Marcelo Gleiser, environmental writer Bill McKibben, neurotheologian Dr Andrew Newberg, Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing, and Dr. Kahleel Mohammed, among others.

Episode 1 explores the origins of apocalyptic thought.  Was it an early attempt to make sense of the cosmos, or to quiet a primitive fear hard-wired into our brain?  How do biblical prophets’ dire warnings of God’s judgment, and later promises of eternal life, continue to exert a powerful influence over our third millennium lives?

Episode 2 looks at the Book of Revelation and other religious and spiritual forms of doomsday thinking. Is it simply human nature to want to know the shape of things to come, and embrace those who provide possible answers?  Do our apocalyptic visions indicate an end of time or a chance for a new beginning?

Episode 3 is the story of an archetypal American prophet, William Miller, who convinced thousands of devoted followers the “second coming” would occur on October 22, 1844.  But what happens in the aftermath of a failed prophecy?  How do people maintain belief in the face of constant failure?

Episode 4 looks at the 20th Century to find new human-made harbingers of doom: nuclear weapons, religious intolerance, corporate greed, environmental degradation.  Are we creating our own end-of-the-world scenario?  How has a concept like the rapture encouraged a whole industry that is part entertainment, part politics?

Episode 5 holds up a mirror to our 21st Century lives. Should contemporary forecasts of impending doom (the Mayan calendar, solar flares, tsunamis, a global financial system on the verge of collapse) frighten the life out of us, or are we, being offered a chance for a new beginning…if only we had the will to change?

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