Grand Rapids —Jesus commissioned His followers to “Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” To award-winning artist and photographer Jeremy Cowart, that means using words only when absolutely necessary. Cowart believes Christ’s commission is more about action than talk and more about living one’s faith than telling others how to be faithful. In his latest book, What’s Your Mark? Every Moment Counts (Zondervan, March, 2013), Cowart uses the lens of his camera to focus on Christ-followers from every walk of life who are living out the Great Commission, making a mark on the world and basing their actions on the eternal truths found in the New Testament book of Mark.

From social media users to superstars to children, the mark-makers featured in What’s Your Mark? have used their faith and their gifts to make a difference. Filled with Cowart’s captivating photos, soul-stirring scripture and compelling stories, the book was designed to both showcase their stories and present a challenge to others who yearn to do the same. Since the ability to make one’s mark in the world is not dependent upon bank accounts, personality or locale, What’s Your Mark? throws down the gauntlet to readers, challenging them to use their own talents and gifts to help others and make a difference.

As Cowart explains, “Jesus was the ultimate mark-maker and His life continues to impact untold millions today, but in the noise and chaos of today’s world it is a mark that must be passed forward. The people showcased in What’s Your Mark? have all been marked through their relationship with Jesus and are now moving forward as examples for others to follow.”

Clearly a mark-maker himself, Cowart enjoyed being involved in the creative process his entire life. Starting out as a graphic designer but lured by the prospect of bringing new texture into his design work, he picked up a camera seven years ago and photography soon became his passion. In a relatively short time he had garnered the attention of fellow photographers, artists and celebrities alike, and today his work is both internationally known and applauded. Believing his work to be a reflection of what God is doing in his own life, his goal has always been to use his creativity, platform and ideas to help those in need, so when Zondervan approached him with the idea for What’s Your Mark?, he jumped at the opportunity. His hope is that the stories showcased within the book’s pages will inspire readers to become mark-makers themselves, using their own talents and abilities to make every moment count.

Whether your mark is helping the downtrodden and helpless, teaching children at home or in school, providing nourishment to the hungry or simply shining a much needed spotlight on someone else’s mark, you’ll be inspired by the stories within the pages of this beautiful collaboration between Cowart and Zondervan. Scheduled for release March 2013, What’s Your Mark? Every Moment Counts is a book you will want to both read and give to others.

What’s Your Mark? Every Moment Counts

by Jeremy Cowart

Zondervan Publishing / March 2013

ISBN13: 978-0310411093



Diane Morrow


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