Jacksonville, Florida, 06/29/2013 The Ministry of Second Timothy, Inc. has updated their website to include proof of God:  evidence of two prophecies that were fulfilled; “and more to come” says the Holy Spirit, through Apostle Deirdre, the messenger.

“For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” – 2 Peter 1:21 ESV

The prophecies most certainly did not come by the will of Apostle Deirdre.  Deirdre is a servant, messenger and prophet of YHWH.   Deirdre says the Holy Spirit has been speaking to her since she was a little girl in the 5th grade, as far back as she can remember.  Many prophecies have been given to her by the Holy Spirit; these are just the first two that the ministry has chosen to publish:  Racketeer charges again County Executive Jack B. Johnson, and Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  The Holy Spirit promises more prophecies to come.

On November 10, 2010, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, Deirdre filed a lawsuit against County Executive Jack B. Johnson and many others in U.S. District Court of Maryland Greenbelt division.  The lawsuit stated County Executive Jack B. Johnson and other individuals in positions of public trust were part of a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO).

On November 12, 2010 County Executive Jack B. Johnson was arrested, charged and subsequently convicted for acts identified under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

CLICK HERE to see the November 10, 2010 lawsuit filed by Deirdre at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

CLICK HERE to see the November 12, 2010 news reports of Jack B. Johnson’s arrest.

CLICK HERE to see the FBI’s account of the November 12, 2010 arrest and subsequent conviction.

In May 2013, a tornado prophecy was given to Deirdre by the Holy Spirit.

If you are not able to click on the links, please visit our website and click on the link that says “Proof of God” for complete details of these two fulfilled prophecies, and to see other proof that God exists and is a living God.

 Apostle is derived from the Greek word, pronounced ap-os-tol-os, which means messenger, or ambassador; although the term is most often used to describe the twelve Apostles.


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