Online for Life says Senator’s life serves as ultimate example for women facing unplanned pregnancies

DALLAS, July 8, 2013 – The educational non-profit Online for Life (OFL), which works to rescue babies from abortion so they can live to make their mark on the world, has developed an online letter,, to offer a sincere “thank you” to Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis for choosing to bear and raise her own child, even as a young single mom.

Davis made national news two weeks ago for her 11-hour filibuster, which prevented a Senate bill prohibiting abortions in Texas after 20-weeks from passing. But before she donned her hot pink sneakers and became a voice for abortion supporters across the nation, Davis was a single mother at age 19. Despite also being raised by a single mother herself, Davis chose life, working hard to provide for child, attend college and eventually graduate Harvard Law School.

“Sen. Davis truly is the wonderful reason why women should choose life,” said Brian Fisher, OFL co-founder and president. “She is a role model for women who are facing unplanned pregnancies and possible single motherhood. Her story reminds us that, even in times of uncertainty and challenge, women can raise children and be powerful examples of success.”

As the bill debate continues today in the Texas House of Representatives with a vote expected this week, OFL is encouraging individuals supportive of Davis’ past life-affirming decision to add their signatures to the online letter available at

“While there is often a lot of emotion and harsh words exchanged between those who seek to protect unborn life and those who support abortion, this is our opportunity to genuinely thank Sen. Davis for facing the challenge of single motherhood by choosing life for her child,” Fisher said.

The online letter, which will be available to Davis for her consideration and encouragement, states, “I thank you for having the courage to bear and raise your own child when social pressure and personal circumstances were against you. Your actions thirty years ago remind us that courage, hard work and grace can overcome challenges, for both mother and child.”

In addition to offering personal affirmation to Davis by signing the letter, individuals also pledge to commit themselves to helping the thousands of women across this nation who face unplanned pregnancies.  This can be facilitated through supporting the work of life-affirming pregnancy centers, community organizations and local churches while also encouraging women in crisis pregnancies to follow the example Davis set when she gave her child the chance at life.

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Online for Life (OFL) helps connect individuals and families facing an unwanted pregnancy and considering abortion with life-affirming centers that provide caring counsel, free ultrasounds, and complete and accurate medical information, including educating individuals about the emotional and psychological impact of terminating a pregnancy. OFL celebrates life-affirming choices of families on Facebook and via its mobile app. The organization, which went online in early 2010, celebrated its 1,000th baby saved July 1. For additional information, visit


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