Our society needs a “values revival,” states Martin Estrin, author of Simple Truths, a new book of his original proverbs and commentaries that present “a fresh perspective on traditional values.”

He believes “modern” should not merely mean that technology is improving. “In a modern society, the culture should be improving. Right now, it’s in decline,” Estrin said. “We need to elevate our moral and ethical standards.”

Simple Truths (WinePress Books) presents more than 200 aphorisms and commentaries to reinforce positive values, and to help people evaluate their current beliefs.

The book covers 20 topics, including Life, Relationships, Coping, Success, Social Issues, and Religion. The commentaries were written over 30 years as the author reflected on these and other issues in society.

The 67-year-old author, who lives in Glendale, CA, is a retired news reporter, with a master’s degree in Journalism from UCLA, and has worked in newspaper reporting, television news, and government public affairs.

After spending his career observing and writing about a wide range of topics and social issues, has has concluded, “We need to go back to foundational values.”

Estrin cites four dominant problems plaguing the culture: The government is dysfunctional at all levels. Too many corporations are profit vultures. Much of the media is immoral (or at least amoral). And there is widespread disrespect for traditional religion.

The commentaries in his book, often in the form of a modern proverb, are terse and straight-forward.

On religion: “Your faith is your fate.” Also, “We are often impressed by an artist’s rendering of a landscape, seashore, sunset, or person. Why is it so hard for some to achnowledge of One who created the original?”

On life: “Life is unpredictable, and many things don’t make sense, which is all the more reason to always act with good intentions.”

To young people eager to enjoy many intimate experiences, he suggests, “Love is being faithful before you meet the one you love.”

Controversy is not spared in a section on social issues: “What is a holocaust? The mass killing of a defenseless group of people who have committed no offense. Abortion, defined.”

About the current shaky economy, Estrin writes: “For the government to create such a huge debt to boost the economy is like the old practice of blood-letting severely ill patients in order to save them.”

The author hopes his collection of aphorisms will encourage people to think more seriously about high-minded principles. “This is a book of proverbs for modern living,” he states.

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