Calling all experts in Old Testament Marriage Law to Participate in Online Debate

Jacksonville, FL Aug 20, 2013

The Ministry of Second Timothy, Inc. is planning an online debate this Fall on The Rights of the Betrothed in 2013 according to God’s law.  We are calling on all experts in Old Testament Marriage Law To Participate in this Online Debate.  We are looking for those who both support and oppose rights of the betrothed according to God’s law.  We have a Real Life Fact Pattern that will be the basis of the debate and an upcoming Christian Tribunal.  This debate is a precursor to the Christian Tribunal that we will be holding to consider the rights of the betrothed later this year  in Jacksonville, Florida.   Those participating in the debate shall be qualified by this Ministry prior to allowing participation.  False Teachers, Preachers and Clergy are not eligible to participate in the online debate, only those who we deem to be knowledgeable in and true to God’s word are eligible to participate, as will be demonstrated by your works.  If you are interested in participating please review the Statement of Facts and Law on our website  and send an email expressing your interest along with two religious writing samples to:  In addition to the Statement of Facts and Law , the following articles also available on our website may be helpful to gain context on the issues that will ultimately be presented at the Tribunal. 







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