“The Gospel of Jesus Decoded: The Mystery of Shem” by Michael Bowes reveals the amazing relationship among God, the universe and humankind

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – “The Gospel of Jesus Decoded: The Mystery of Shem” (ISBN 148208581X) by Michael Bowes uses the Hebrew word shem to decipher the deepest mysteries of Christ’s teachings. Concluding that conscious and constant unity with God is the goal of human evolution, the informative book finally discovers the core of Jesus’ teachings.

Explaining that Jesus actually taught that the divine power of the universe is within all of us, “The Gospel of Jesus Decoded” explains that the person, the universe and God are all one being that needs to be discovered through mystical experiences of the new birth. A scholarly study of the authentic message of Jesus, the resource delves into the original languages of Jesus’ message to fully understand the complex metaphors that are used throughout the Bible.

Realizing that contemporary and traditional Christian theology has completely mistaken the core message of Jesus, Bowes created “The Gospel of Jesus Decoded” after studying the Bible in its numerous original languages. Uncovering through that experience the message that Jesus taught, he had a sudden and unexpected epiphany about the power of the universe. He hopes that his work delivers a powerful message to readers of all ages.

“The Gospel of Jesus Decoded: The Mystery of Shem” is available for sale online at,, and other channels.

About the Author:

Michael Bowes was born into a devout Christian family and attended Christian schools from kindergarten to his sophomore year of high school. Passionate about spirituality from early on in childhood, at the age of 5 he became mesmerized by the idea of eternal life and often entered a trance when contemplating the concept. He has practiced several different denominations of Christianity and has studied the Bible for many years in the original languages. Feeling a deep attraction to yoga and meditation in his late 20s, he has spent years studying the two and the Vedanta under the tutelage of several different teachers. Graced by several profound spiritual experiences during this time, Bowes’ spirituality and his scripture studies were instrumental in discovering the authentic and original message of Jesus.






Michael Bowes


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