Unearthing the hidden history buried beneath the surface story in the earliest Gospel

TULSA, Okla. – Secret of the Savior: The Myth of the Messiah in Mark by Sid Martin claims to solve the “greatest mystery of all time: where did the story of Jesus really come from?” Martin maintains that the story of Jesus is not based, even loosely, on the life of Jesus but on the life of Israel. Myth is not mixed in with history; the Gospel is a myth about history. Mark recasts events in the history of salvation as episodes in his messiah myth. The Gospel of Mark is an allegory of the history of Israel from the Essenic point of view written in response to the destruction of Jerusalem. Jesus is the personification of Divine Salvation, which is what the name “Jesus” means. Jesus is a symbol of salvation, the process of God saving. Mark’s Jesus is a serial composite character. There were many historical Jesuses, not just one. Jesus is identified with a series of savior figures from Joshua to David to the Teacher of Righteousness who founded the Essenes, who most scholars believe wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Later figures include Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai, the founder of Rabbinic Judaism. The crucifixion represents the triumph of Rome. Mark’s message is that God has always saved his people Israel. In the end, Israel will rise again, which is the meaning of the resurrection. This discovery changes everything. It will revolutionize the study of Christian origins.

Secret of the Savior: The Myth of the Messiah in Mark (ISBN 978-0-7618-6145-4),  is published by University Press of America and is available for sale at their website, as well as Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Chapters.Indigo.ca, and other websites.

About the Author

Sid Martin graduated with high honors from  Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK, and holds a master’s degree in theological studies with a specialty in Biblical studies. His master’s thesis is on the Gospel of Mark. He presented a paper on his theory of the Markan passion narrative at a regional meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.  An attorney by profession, specializing in legal research and writing, Martin decided it was time to “brief the Christ case” based on over thirty years of research on the Gospel of Mark and Christian origins.

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Sid Martin


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