Fairfax, Virginia – For over 15 years, Eastern Christian Bulletin Service has been providing printed, full-color Sunday Bulletin Covers to over 300 Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic parishes throughout the US and Canada.  Designed and produced uniquely for each week of each calendar year, they include a color icon suitable for each Sunday – the feast day, scripture reading, or saint of the week – and text commentary appropriate for the icon.

Jack Figel, Publisher, explained, “With the lower cost of color digital printers for parishes, and more capable design and layout programs for PCs, parishes are moving toward producing Sunday bulletins completely themselves.  Therefore, starting with Sunday, September 1, 2013, we will offer our unique Byzantine artwork in high-resolution electronic PDF form for download from our website.  Each download file will contain the upcoming eight Sundays, following the Eastern Orthodox or Byzantine Catholic dates for Easter and Pentecost.”

According to Mr. Figel, “The intermixing of the calendar of fixed feasts with the moveable dates of feasts related to Easter creates the need for a different Sunday bulletin cover every week of every year.  I believe we are the only supplier of Sunday Bulletin covers who design and produce our artwork accordingly, and who offers two versions for years when there are two dates for Easter, one according to the Gregorian Calendar followed by Byzantine Catholics, and one according to the Julian Calendar followed by the Orthodox.”

Although originally designed for Eastern Christian parishes, many of the major feasts and saints are the same and could be used by any church looking for something different and colorful.

Some benefits of the artwork from ECBS include –

  • The high-quality color icon provides an attractive cover that is appealing to your parishioners
  • The commentary about the Gospel reading or feast gives your parishioners something they can reflect upon during the following week
  • A more attractive Sunday bulletin may enliven your parish and get people excited about their church

The new electronic download service will cost only about $5.00 per week — $39.95 for eight weeks of artwork that you can print or use in your custom designs.  The pre-printed legal-size sheets will still be offered and cost $8.00/100 copies, including shipping.  To order go to and select the Catalog button.  For more information, contact the ECBS office at 703-691-8862 or email


Jack Figel


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