Gigantic “block buster” new book by Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF is breaking “emotional” chains in women’s lives!

Lorton, VA  Sep 3, 2013

Christian author, business owner, inspirational speaker, and retired Air Force Colonel, Dr. Mary M. Gillam scores a mega hit with her latest release, “Women Stop the Chase: Let God’s Man Find You.”  Using Proverbs 18:22 as the foundation, Dr. Gillam provides an in-depth look into this fascinating topic.  She incorporates biblical examples and discusses four unique lessons learned throughout this study.

With a flare of humor, she interjects wit to keep the reader actively engaged.  Thought-provoking questions are also used to challenge the reader to explore their personal beliefs.   Using the results of an anonymous survey, she conducts an informative deep dive into this colossal subject.

Amazon 5.0 out of 5 star reviews indicates that this book and accompanying workbook is a “must-read” for women of all ages.

One reviewer wrote, “I found this book to be very inspirational and encouraging.  I actually read the book within a couple of hours.  From the time I picked the book up it captivated my attention. I appreciate the biblical stand, and strong conviction of the writer, to motivate single women to “Stop the Chase”, and wait on God.  I will definitely recommend this book to single women, as I conduct future workshops/seminars.  Singles need to know that God has a standard, which must be upheld regardless of what society dictates.  Excellent source of information.

Another reviewer wrote, “What can I say but, amazing, inspirational, biblical and defining to all women, not just single women.  There is power in the message of this author’s book.  This author shows how to beat the challenge by walking in faith, determination and justification.

A native of Roseboro, NC in Sampson County, Dr. Gillam was raised by her blind grandmother.  After raising 17 of her own children (by one husband), Dr. Gillam’s grandmother would later raise several of her grandchildren.  Dr. Gillam credits her grandmother with instilling in her Christian principles that have guided her throughout her life.  She is an active member of the National Church of God.

A seasoned leader, Dr. Gillam’s next book is “The CORE Leadership Development Model: 4 Steps to Releasing Your Leadership Potential.”


Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF


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