New book offers practical tips to help even the most timid evangelizer

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2013Recent popes have challenged Catholics to participate in the New Evangelization. But, unfortunately, most Catholics feel ill-equipped and unprepared to take up the challenge. Terry Barber, founder of St. Joseph Communications, has written a new book, HOW TO SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH ANYONE: A Practical Manual for Catholic Evangelization, which provides the keys to becoming an effective Catholic evangelist who draws people to Christ and his Church without compromise and conflict.

Barber uses clear examples and insightful anecdotes from his life and the lives of other great evangelists and apologists to explain such topics as:

  • Why Catholics often don’t evangelize;
  • Preparing to be an evangelist;
  • The eight laws of effectively sharing your faith with anyone;
  • Jesus, the perfect evangelizer;
  • The heart of evangelization; and
  • How to share your personal testimony.

Barber helps Catholics heed Blessed Pope’s John Paul II’s call to “be not afraid,” and to become an informed soldier of Christ seeking to spread the Gospel to the masses. As Barber explains, according to the teaching of Vatican II, it is the main duty of Catholic men and women to “bear witness to Christ” in our lives and in our works. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed by what we say and do.

Barber reminds us that evangelization is what we do and who we are.  If we don’t evangelize, we simply don’t exist as a Church; we simply don’t exist as Catholics.

“Terry Barber has long been one of the Church’s finest evangelists,” said Most Rev. Jose Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles. “His excellent book shows us how the New Evangelization requires new apologetics — a new way to explain why the Church’s teachings are true and why Jesus is the answer to the deep desires of the human heart.”

For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Terry Barber, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or KWandra@CarmelCommunications.com) of Carmel Communications.


Kevin Wandra


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