SEATTLE – Just in time for Christmas, A Modern Christmas Carol replaces Scrooge with a character most of us would agree needs a good soul searching—a televangelist.

In a thought-provoking retelling of the Dickens classic, A Modern Christmas Carol tells the story of a shrewdly successful televangelist who receives unexpected Christmas visitors: first, his long-dead partner, and then three ghostly guides. Finally able to acknowledge the shallowness of his message and doubts he has long suppressed, he makes amends with far-reaching consequences.

Most readers will enjoy seeing a televangelist get his comeuppance, but this book is more than that. It explores faith and the evidence for Christianity, and it should provoke or intrigue any reader interested in the impact Christianity has on modern society. It will engage thoughtful readers who enjoyed the intellectual workout of books such as C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity or Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

“Christians should understand the arguments—or lack of them—that underlie their faith,” said Bob Seidensticker, author of the book. “A reboot of Dickens seemed like a great way to explore challenging issues while carried along by a classic story.”

Critics have praised the book. Dr. Robert M. Price, the author of many books on Christianity, calls the book, “Consistently ingenious and beautifully written … thought-provoking!” Gretta Vosper, a minister and author of With or Without God, said, “Clever and brilliantly told, I’ll even admit to tears at the end! A Christmas story I’m happy to share.”

Bob Seidensticker is the blogger behind the popular Cross Examined blog (“Clear thinking about Christianity”) at the Patheos network. He is also the author of several other books including Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey, another novel that explores the intellectual underpinnings of Christianity.

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Bob Seidensticker


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