What Could This Mean for the Future of Humankind?

This shocking claim is based upon recent discoveries for which no other explanation seems possible. Researchers found an advanced “consciousness” in the womb, beyond the capability of the fetus’ then-immature brain. Moreover, research on cardiac arrest now concludes that survivors actually had died—what many of them later described were “actual-death” experiences. Add in reports from around the world wherein healthy family members perceptibly participated in the death of their loved ones—being “caught up” in an indescribably spiritual experience involving an eerie transition of their loved ones into another realm. All such experiential evidence provocatively points to one common denominator—our God-given souls!
“Experiential” refers to a category of evidence reported about individual personal experiences, not yet provable by the traditional objective scientific method. Examples include testimonies from survivors of cardiac arrest—of “visiting Heaven” or “watching” efforts to resuscitate them. Medical observers have verified these so-called out-of-body observations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has defined experiential evidence: “This type of evidence is based on the professional insight, understanding, skill, and expertise that is accumulated over time.”
Such evidence suggests that souls incarnate into the womb, remain with each of us throughout our lives, and survive the death of our bodies to return to Heaven. Most non-secular religions acknowledge our souls’ existence. But it previously was impossible to discuss souls more specifically than in theologically or philosophically esoteric terms.
The reality of souls has been debated back to the early Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato. Called the father of modern theology, Friedrich Schleiermacher spoke of the “divine spark” planted in each human being, as his or her recollection of God. Both the Judeo-Christian Bible and the Islamic Qur’an discuss the soul. Souls seem to come to earth to grow spiritually by helping their hosts and learning to overcome human frailties.
Although most people are unaware, the soul seems to be our personal link with God, our opportunity for more meaningful lives, and our “ticket” to Heaven! Our souls reassure us of reunions with loved ones and friends in the afterlife. There, we apparently can share memories of times we enjoyed together on earth. Our souls know us better than we know ourselves—they are aware of our every thought, weakness, and strength.
These surprising revelations are examined in a new book Souls Are Real! Death Is Not! It correlates and discusses research findings from multiple disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology, child development, emergency medicine, theology, and paranormal experiences. Prominently discussed in that book and included in its extensive bibliography are Dr. Sam Parnia’s Erasing Death, Dr. David Chamberlain’s Windows to the Womb, and Dr. Raymond Moody’s Glimpses of Eternity.
Souls Are Real! Death Is Not! is available from Amazon in soft-cover and Kindle versions and the soft-cover also from other traditional and online booksellers. These researchers’ evidence should not be controversial but the implications of their findings might be. For example, fetuses know and unconsciously act out any attempts to abort them. Therefore, this book advocates that readers honestly consider what, if any, meaning its revolutionary concepts might have in their lives if any or all of these might be true.


William Pillow


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