Presbyterians for Middle East Peace (PFMEP) commends the Rev. Chris Leighton, executive director of the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies (ICJS), on his in-depth examination of the recently released publication “Zionism Unsettled.” This controversial and damaging publication was compiled by the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) and is being distributed by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Rev. Leighton writes:

“In preparation for the 221st meeting of the General Assembly in Detroit this June, the Presbyterian Church finds itself traveling down a familiar path. The Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) and their allies have once again mounted initiatives that advance an extremist posture with respect to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse. Their agenda threatens to polarize our community, betray relationships with our Jewish colleagues, and ultimately undermine our credibility as “peacemakers.” Despite the resolution approved at the 218th General Assembly  “to avoid taking broad stands that simplify a very complex situation into a caricature of reality where one side clearly is at fault and the other side is clearly a victim,” IPMN’s congregational study guide, “Zionism Unsettled,” subverts the ideals and the practices that our Church has striven to uphold. It turns us from peacemakers to polemicists, and from honest dialogue partners to partisan ideologues.”

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Rev. John Wimberly


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