Liguori, Mo., February 18, 2014 – For the first time, the Easter Bunny is tweeting all about how to be an Easter Bunny @MyEasterBunny. His tweets help families share the joy of Easter, while they learn fun facts about bunnies.

Cathy Gilmore, author of Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day (Liguori, 2014) and her co-author and sister Carol Benoist are making sure the Easter Bunny’s messages get out on Twitter. Parents and children will want to follow the tweets closely, as he reveals that there can be more than one Easter Bunny. “Any bunny can become an Easter Bunny when the love and joy of Jesus fills his or her heart,” said Gilmore.

“Through Twitter, the Easter Bunny helps little bunnies become Easter bunnies and gives families an enjoyable way to teach the faith and cultivate hope and love,” added Gilmore. “Families will learn about the very first Easter Bunny, how he met and trusted Jesus, and how he began to share the joy of Easter. They’ll also learn all about rabbits. Children are finding out about jinking, that zig-zag run that bunnies do, about a rabbit’s incredibly sensitive ears, what warrens are, and many more things.” 

Both mothers, Benoist and Gilmore wanted a way to focus on the true meaning of Easter in a season dominated by candy and hunts for decorated eggs. Benoist, an educator, had created a story of a bunny whose life is changed by Jesus and the Resurrection. Gilmore, a catechist, had always dreamed of becoming a published children’s author, so the two sisters and illustrator Jonathan Sundy collaborated on Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day. Families could celebrate the Risen Jesus without leaving behind bunny traditions.

“Readers are telling us that this beautifully illustrated book is an answer to prayer for those who treasure the fun and sometimes silly traditions of Easter,” said Gilmore, “yet long for an endearing way to share the deeper meaning of the holiday with little ones.”  

A new web site, MyEasterBunny.org, offers sample pages from the book and will soon have videos, activities, and more for teaching children about the true meaning of Easter and Jesus’ love.

Easter Bunny’s Amazing Day was published in English and Spanish by Liguori Publications, a leading Catholic publisher and a ministry of the Redemptorists. Liguori publishes Liguorian magazine, as well as educational and inspirational books and ebooks, catechetical and faith formation materials for parishes, affordable pamphlets on timely topics, and parish bulletins. To learn more, visit Liguori.org.



Mary Brockgreitens


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