Summer Camp Provides Antidote for Young Generation Thirsty for the Outdoors

April 15, 2016 (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Christian Camp & Conference Association (CCCA) is offering summer camp as a solution in response to the recent survey conducted by the Nature Conservancy and funded by Disney. The global research captures how much time kids spend outside – and parents’ perspective on the importance of time spent in nature.

According to the survey, parents in the U.S., Brazil, China, France and Hong Kong with children between 3 and 18 revealed several things about their view of kids and nature:

  •      65 percent of U.S. parents see it as a serious problem that kids are not spending more time in nature – equal to their concerns about bullying, quality education and obesity.
  •       82 percent of U.S. parents view spending time in nature as very important to their children’s development – second only to reading as a priority.
  •       Homework is the No. 1 obstacle to getting outside for kids in the U.S., France and Hong Kong. In Brazil, parents cite crime and gangs as the top reason their kids stay inside, while parents in China point to a cut back in recess.

“Parents are the gatekeepers to nature,” said a scientist from Nature Conservancy, who is also a parent. “They have the power to foster a love of nature in their children – making them happier, healthier and smarter – just by going outside.”

Gregg Hunter, President/CEO of Christian Camp and Conference Center said “It’s encouraging to me to see the global culture turning its head, albeit slowly, toward the great benefit of getting kids out of their homes – out of their daily routine – and into nature. Perhaps this signals a trend that will continue to gain momentum in the coming years.  A week at summer camp provides an opportunity for kids to experience nature, have new adventures and explore creation in an environment created to cultivate a life-long love for the outdoors.”

According to Hunter, “Most camps are positioned in natural settings that are some of the most beautiful in the country.  Many integrate nature appreciation and education into their programming and all give kids enough free time and guided play to explore and discover.  At camp, kids may navigate a high ropes course and experience tree canopies and investigate the surrounding ecosystem, or they may hike, climb and rappel from natural rock formations. Even if the outdoor activities are simply swimming, biking or riding horses, being outdoors has significant benefits to a child’s physical and emotional health.”

Experts have said experiencing nature makes kids kinder and more generous. In recent weeks, an Atlantic Monthly article also pointed to the fact that taking risks makes kids more resilient and confident.  Hunter said he hopes “… this generation, which many recognize as overprotected and nature-deprived, be given the gift of a childhood marked by time in nature, adventure and friendships that stay with them a lifetime. That’s the power of camp.”

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