Growing Organization Points to God’s “Grace at the Fray”

JENKINTOWN, Penn. (April 21, 2014) — World Harvest Mission is changing its name to Serge. The name was made public on April 21, 2014. The discipleship and missionary-sending ministry hopes to more clearly represent its work with the new name. Serge is a metaphor referring to a sewn seam that joins two pieces of frayed cloth together. The organization’s new motto is “Grace at the Fray.”

“We needed a name that represented all of what we do,” said Bob Osborne, Executive Director. “The name World Harvest Mission defined us solely as a mission sending agency. We are an overseas sending agency, but our work also goes beyond that. We provide resources like Sonship and disciple believers in churches throughout the United States. So we chose a metaphor to point to God’s grace healing a broken world. That grace always motivates us to mission.”

Serge was founded in 1983 by pastor, author, and Westminster Seminary professor Jack Miller. Miller was known for his commitment to personal renewal and mission, motivated by the grace of God in Christ.

Serge is widely known for its Sonship course that has help Christians across the United States and world apply theological truths and connect “head” and “heart.” Because Sonship was originally created for missionaries facing conflict and burnout, it addresses core issues of identity and calling with the transformative power of the gospel.

Over the past five years, Serge’s missionary staff has grown from 157 missionaries in 11 countries to 217 missionaries in 16 countries, representing nearly 40 percent growth. Serge missionaries serve in the global south and throughout Europe. Much of the work in Europe takes place in urban centers among diaspora communities from Asia and Africa.

Recently Serge began publishing discipleship resources for every stage of Christian growth which can be used in a variety of contexts. In 2013, they also launched a discipler training program which builds on the lessons the organization has learned through two decades of intensive, one-on-one discipling.

Scotty Smith, author, Nashville-based pastor, and long-time Serge board member, commented on the change saying, “World Harvest was birthed to help people like me find our place in God’s story of radical grace and missional living. Grace never stands still and we should expect change. I am thrilled that the organization’s leadership has stepped back, asked how to communicate who we are in this day, and taken a significant step. As World Harvest becomes Serge, I couldn’t be any happier about our new name, and our hope-filled future as a mission.”

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Eileen O’Gorman


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