Rita Cosby has Historic Conversation with the Pope

WABC – June 6, 2014

American TV journalist and WABC Radio host Rita Cosby was granted a rare audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome on June 4, 2014, becoming one of the first American journalists to talk with the new Pontiff.

Among topics discussed, she asked him about his possible role as Mideast peacemaker. Her conversation comes on the verge of a monumental meeting set to take place this Sunday at the Pope’s Vatican apartment with both Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, both of whom Cosby has also met.

The surprise invitation to both presidents for a prayer summit this weekend was extended during the Pope’s recent three day visit to the Middle East, which included celebrating Mass in Bethlehem’s Manger Square.

Although she has interviewed more than 20 world leaders, including five US Presidents, Cosby called the opportunity to speak to Pope Francis “One of the greatest moments of my life.” She said, “He was extremely engaging and approachable. It is clear he cares deeply about peace in the Mideast and would like to do anything he can to assist this very difficult process.” 

Cosby was live from Rome last night and talked about her conversation on 77 WABC Radio New York on her 5pm show which she co-hosts with NY1’s Pat Kiernan. Cosby had previously met with Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II.

A portion of the conversation was played on the WABC show last night. See the podcast for 6/5/14. Go to this link: http://www.wabcradio.com/page.php?page_id=6263

Transcript verbatim is below:
Rita and the Pope:
Rita: Peace in the MiddleEast is possible with faith? You think? (Spanish) 
Pope: With the Lord it is possible. (Italian)
Rita: Do you think that with faith everything is possible? (Spanish)
Pope:  With the Lord everything is possible. (Italian)
Rita: Also faith in the Middle East? (Spanish)
****Pope: With the Lord, we must pray for peace. (Italian)
Rita: I hope so. Thank you for everything. Thank you. (Spanish)
Pope: Thank you. (Italian)
Rita: Thank you to you. How fantastic. Is there something you want to say to that process? (Spanish)
******Pope: Pray, Pray, Pray. (English)
Rita: Thank you, Thank you. (Spanish)


Michael Conrad


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