First ever denominationally affiliated crowdfunding site

Boston, MA (July 8, 2014)

Faithify (, the first-ever denominationally-affiliated crowd funding platform, launched June 25 at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Providence, RI.  More than $32,000 was pledged on the site in the first ten days.

Faithify is Unitarian Universalism’s bold move to tap into the power of the crowd to follow, share, and fund innovative and entrepreneurial ministries in and beyond of congregations.  The site gives projects that “claim” and “are claimed by” Unitarian Universalism a way to reach far beyond traditional denominational and congregational boundaries.

Inaugural projects include a multigenerational housing cooperative, young adult ministries, water catchment and garden projects, youth mission projects, and multicultural ministries. One project reached their $10,000 funding goal after only seven days on the site.

Faithify aims to inspire a culture of innovation by highlighting creative ministries, expand Unitarian Universalism’s reach, and bridge generational borders through new technology.  In response to a call by UU leaders to lower the walls between congregations and the wider community, the site allows passionate individuals to invest directly in ministries that excite them and gives ministry innovators access to a passionate public.

The site is poised to revolutionize how religious leaders engage their communities.  For the first time, congregations and faith communities can cast aside bake sales and in-house fundraisers by tapping into the potential of an inspired and virtually limitless crowd – one motivated by faith to manifest their religious commitments in the world.

Faithify’s developers were inspired by Unitarian Universalist Association denominational leaders who called for a denominational role that is responsive to 21st century realities and opportunities.  The site carves out a new role for denominations as brokers of relationships rather providers of resources – a ministry app store of sorts where the product is imaginative ministries that redefine religious engagement.

Faithify itself is a “beyond institution” project.  Developed and largely funded by the Massachusetts Bay District of Unitarian Universalist Congregations, Faithify is the  gift of Boston metropolitan area congregations to the larger Unitarian Universalist movement.  The site has also enjoyed financial support from the Unitarian Universalist Association, the UU Funding Program, and the Faithful Risk fund.


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