In a book that is being heralded as an “investigative masterpiece” with outstanding archeological and prophetic implications,” TEMPLE, by Robert Cornuke, presents a compelling case that Solomon’s Temple was never built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, rather, approximately a quarter-mile south in the City of David.

Cornuke, president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute, has participated in over 50 expeditions searching for lost locations described in the Bible. He states, “After several years of biblical research sparked by the writings of the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin, personal investigation, and the study of ancient documents, I have come to the conclusion that the temple built by Solomon was not located where tradition teaches. This has tremendous implications regarding end time events.”

Being more specific, the author says: “The greatest archeological blunder in all history has occurred by misplacing Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount rather than its correct location within the City of David.”

Noted Bible teacher Chuck Missler, who recently accompanied Cornuke to the excavation site in the Kidron Valley, states, “At first I was a skeptic, but the overwhelming evidence has convinced me of the true temple location. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to fit together the pieces of biblical history, current geo-politics, and prophecy.

After reading the book, Dr. William P. Welty, director of the ISV Foundation in La Mirada, California, says, “One politically explosive implication of this evidence is that those who wish to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple can now do so without disturbing the Muslim-controlled real estate called the ‘Temple Mount,’ but construct it on its true ancient site.”

University lecturer, Dr. Frank Turek, states, “I have been to the site with the author and, astoundingly, everything fits together biblically and historically.”

The book details research indicating that what was built on the present Temple Mount was actually Fort Antonia, which housed the Roman garrison. This implies that the historic “Wailing Wall” was never part of Solomon’s Temple, but connected to the fortress. Says Cornuke, “It is understandable that many would rather cling to tradition than be open to new evidence.” He adds, “My purpose in writing this book is simply to present the facts, open the doors to a healthy discussion, and let the evidence and the Bible be the final mediator of these important issues.”

TEMPLE is published by LifeBridge Books (ISBN 978-1-039779-09-0) and is available in paperback and ebook formats.


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