Meditations on Vatican Art Takes Top Prize

Liguori, Mo. (August 26, 2014). Meditations on Vatican Art, published by Liguori Publications, has received the prestigious 2014 Book of the Year Award from the Association of Catholic Publishers.

The award recognizes the best in Catholic publishing and considers the quality of both content and design. This coffee-table art book with meditations by Fr. Mark Haydu of the Vatican Museums makes Vatican art treasures more accessible to readers. The award is even more noteworthy because Fr. Haydu is a first-time author.

This book is the first in a series on meditating with Vatican art. A second book, which focuses on angels, will be released later this year.

The judges praised the book. “Meditations on Vatican Art compels the reader to pray in a 28-day retreat format,” noted one judge. “The book engages multiple senses to create a prayer experience that is engaging on multiple levels. The format of the book physically is a beautiful complement to its compelling prose.”

“We were overjoyed and very proud to learn that Meditations on Vatican Art had earned this distinction,” said Virgil Tipton, Liguori’s publisher. “We understand how challenging it is for people to remain committed to the spiritual journey and we partnered with Fr. Mark Haydu to create a book that helps people focus their spiritual searches. This recognition by our peers tells us that this book lifts souls.”

Tipton said the choice of Meditations on Vatican Art reveals society’s hunger to find God within our busy lives. “The combination of words and images can tell a powerful story that breaks through the noise around us,” he said. “Fr. Haydu selected beautiful images from Catholicism’s rich history of sacred art and, through his prose, he teaches readers to interpret the images and to learn truths about God and ourselves.

“Even a small amount of time with his book can have a profoundly positive impact on one’s day,” said Tipton. “Others may be drawn to the book simply because it offers an opportunity to slow down and enjoy a few minutes of beauty. It’s gratifying to know that we have created what people need most at this time.”

Said Fr. Haydu, international coordinator of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, “To make known the treasures of the Vatican in a way that brings people closer to God is a great blessing. I can’t thank God enough for my priestly vocation and the chance to bring His love to others through the beauty of the Vatican arts. I hope that many more people are able to use this book to make a personal retreat or to enjoy the beauty of these sacred treasures.”

Sample pages from the winning book and video of Fr. Haydu are available at VaticanArt.org.

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