Author makes case that current societal system dehumanizes people

Speaker/author Bob Lenz makes a stunning comparison in his new book entitled Dignity Revolution: Standing up for the value of every person.  Lenz makes the case that the American system of determining self-worth is beginning to spiral into a Hitler-type belief system.  Referencing the Nazi regime’s extermination of over 20 different people groups, Lenz says the T4 program was especially heinous, but its theory is still prevalent in today’s society.

“Many people have never heard of T4,” says Lenz. “It was the other holocaust that eradicated what Hitler called ‘life unworthy of life.’ The elderly, the blind, the disabled, homosexuals, and special needs kids and adults, all endured torturous experiments prior to their deaths. My sister, Lois, would have been killed by Hitler because she is a special needs person.  When I talk about this in our events, defenses go way up when I suggest that the T4 theme is alive and well in America today.”

Lenz has been teaching students for over 30 years in school assemblies, concerts, festivals and other events about how to deal with the issues they face. Tackling issues from bullying to school violence to drug abuse and suicide, Lenz has reached over four million youth with a message designed to sometimes shock kids into a new way of thinking.

“I tell kids that every time they give in to the message that they need to be prettier, richer, thinner, stronger or more popular to be ok, they are saying ‘Hail to the system of T4.’ Bullying, suicide, drug abuse, cutting –all stem from the belief that we as a society are ‘unworthy of life.’ We need to declare with our actions that every life is worthy, every life deserves dignity.”

Lenz’ company, Life Promotions, is partnering with the school photography company, Lifetouch, to supply Dignity Revolution free to 6000 middle schools around the nation.   The book includes a pledge that students can take, as well as a 21-day challenge that Lenz hopes will begin to change the hearts and minds of kids, and thereby, change the social culture in schools across the nation. For Dignity Revolution, Lenz teamed with Deborah Tackmann, B.S., M.E.P.D., a health education instructor, consultant and author in the Eau Claire Area School District in Wisconsin.  She was selected as one of the top teachers in the nation by USA Today, was awarded National Education Professional of the Year by ASHA and AAHE, and is a Disney Teacher Award recipient.

Life Promotions is a non-profit organization that also birthed the annual Lifest event which hosts over 60,000 people for a time of music and teaching in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Lenz has worked with numerous national organizations including MADD, Boys and Girls Clubs, National Student Council, Beta Club, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, NFL Chaplains, among many others. He has headlined tours with Grammy-nominated band, The Newsboys, and been the featured speaker at numerous festivals including AtlantaFest, Creation, Rock the Desert, and many others. For more information on Dignity Revolution, visit www.DignityRevolutionPledge.com or www.LifePromotions.com. For more information on Lifetouch, visit www.Lifetouch.com.


Gina Adams


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